We offer three types of service:

(1) Interpretation of 23andMe DNA variants report and their linkage with diseases. Such interpretation can be used by the customers together with their physician to assess health risks and potential preventive measures. This service is priced at $5.00 and the predictions are completed within couple of hours. A sample report letter can be seen by clicking here.

(2) Interpretation of a single DNA variant. This service is priced at $3.00 and is delivered in minutes. A sample report letter can be seen here.

(3) A detailed analysis of a DNA variant or variants. The nature of this investigation is subject to customer-company negotiations. Call (864-908-4796) or email us ( for details. Pricing depends on the extent of the customer requested work.

Before proceeding to placing an order, the customer must review the “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Statement”. Click on the check box below to accept these agreements before proceding to the "Place Order" button.