Our Team

President and CEO: Dr. Emil Alexov Dr. Emil Alexov is the founder of Predicagen LLC. His decision to establish Predicagen was motivated by the understanding that each individual is unique and therefore that health care should be personalized. This uniqueness originates from the individual’s genome, but it is also influenced by the individual’s lifestyle and environment. Understanding the interplay between human genetic differences and their linkage to human diseases paves the way for more effective health care in terms of disease diagnostics, prevention and treatment. Dr. Alexov is strongly committed to contribute to this gigantic effort, both academically and commercially, and together with other researchers, to advance the health care. He is editor for many scientific journals, scientific meeting organizer and has extensive experience in the area of human genetic variations.
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Dr. Emil Alexov

Vice-president: Dr. Weiguo Cao Dr. Weiguo Cao is a co-founder of Predicagen LLC. His research interests are DNA damage, mutagenesis and repair. DNA repair includes a variety of molecular and cellular mechanisms to remove damaged DNA from genomes and prevent occurrence of mutation. He has studied many DNA repair enzymes, DNA glycosylases, DNA nucleases, DNA ligases and DNA binding proteins and has extensive experience in investigating the mutational consequences on protein structure and function. He is involved in development of enzyme-based technologies for the detection of mutations while working at Cornell Medical College and has written several review articles in this aspect. Dr. Cao is the Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellow in Biomedical Research and is the recipient of the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award. He is the Guest Editor for Special Issue in “Molecular Cut and Paste” in International Journal of Molecular Sciences and for Special Issue in “Stresses, Aging, and Age-Related Disorders” in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity. Dr. Cao is committed to understanding the molecular mechanisms of DNA repair enzymes, disease causing mutations to promote diagnostics, treatment and prevention of human disease.
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Dr. Weiguo Cao

CTO: Dr. Lin Li Dr. Lin Li is the co-founder of Predicagen LLC. His main research interests are developing algorithms/software and using them to solve Biology and Physics problems. In his research career, he has developed plenty of software and tools which are popular in protein-protein/DNA/RNA interactions, energy calculations for biomolecules, Monte Carlo simulations for bio-systems, and many other areas. In Predicagen LLC, Dr. Li takes care of the database update/maintenance and data analysis. Digging into the big data, his work provides customers fast and accurate information base on their DNA variations.
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Dr. Lin Li

CTO: Mr. Yunfei Peng Mr. Yunhui Peng is currently a graduate student in Department of Physics and Astronomy, Clemson University. He joined in Dr. Emil Alexov's lab since 2013 fall and his research interests are computational modeling of biological macromolecules and in silico modeling disease-causing missense mutations’ effect and screening for small molecule candidates to restore the protein function. Mr. Yunhui Peng is committed to understanding the effects and revealing the molecular mechanism of disease-associated mutations.

Mr. Yunfei Peng

Data Scientist: Zhe Jia Dr. Zhe Jia is a co-founder of Predicagen LLC., a postdoctoral researcher at Clemson University. Dr. Jia joined the company in 2016, working with the scientists on the development of the gene prediction data base. Prior to joining the company, he worked at AIG on big data guided casualty insurance prediction. He is also interested in computer aid drug design such as protein binding free energy calculation, protein docking, protein signaling, etc.
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Dr. Zhe Jia