Predicagen LLC

This is a startup company funded by scientists committed to provide genetic services for individuals who have their genetic variant(s) already identified. We do not provide DNA sequencing or DNA variants identification. Instead, based on the information proved by the clients, we provide a report that predicts the association of individual DNA variants with diseases.

The company is funded by experts in the fields of computational biophysics and bioinformatics, molecular biochemistry and genetics, and molecular biology and model organisms. With their combined efforts, the individual DNA information is subjected to comprehensive investigations to evaluate the linkage of DNA variant(s) with standard disease names taken from International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD).

Predicagen LLC helps individuals whose genome (the entire DNA) or several genes were sequenced by a third party and are given back a report with their DNA variations. Predicagen is funded to help interested customers to navigate throughout the genetic information encoded in their genes and to interpret the genetic variations for the customers and their primary physicians.

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