Your genome was sequenced and you were given a report card with your genetic variances. In other cases, you may undergone genetical testing and several of your genes were sequenced and variations reported back to you. Do you want these genetic variations to be professionally interpreted? Our team of experts can help.

Curious to find out how your DNA variations affect molecular properties of the corresponding biological macromolecules? You may have a genetic variant which is predicted to be a risk factor for developing a disease. Do you want to know why the variant is considered to be risky? Our team of experts can help you.

Do you want to make informed decisions about your health related life style or you want to provide additional information to your primary physician? Our team of experts can help you.

Predicagen interprets human DNA variations, rare mutations, missense mutations, disease-causing mutations, and provides molecular mechanisms of various genetic disorders. For more details, see the services page.

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Predicagen does not provide gene sequencing. Interested customers should contact gene sequencing companies as,,,, and many others.