You used 23andMe Ancestry Service to search for relatives or Health and Ancestry Service to infer some information about your health. Then you are provided with information about your genetic variants, referred as SNPs or “RS” numbers. Willing to know how these generic variants (RS numbers) reflect your predisposition to diseases? Do you want these genetic variations to be professionally interpreted? Our automated service will give you comprehensive report in plain English for only $5.00. Just upload your 23andMe report to our service page and in minutes you will receive a report that you can understand and can discuss it with your family doctor.

Do you want to make informed decisions about your health related life style or you want to provide additional information to your primary physician? Just provide your genetic variants list in “RS” numbers.

Predicagen LLC interprets human DNA variations and rare mutations by using comprehensive data mining of documented linkage between DNA variants and diseases. The report provides the association of customer variants and corresponding disease. Particularly important is the diseases names are standardized disease names taken in accordance with International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD). For more details, see the services page.

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Predicagen does not provide gene sequencing. Interested customers should contact gene sequencing companies as,,,, and many others.